Program Terms & Conditions

By enrolment/registration and use of Loyalty program, you accept the terms and conditions of this Loyalty program of OnTime Group. OnTime Group reserves the rights to amend, cancel, withdraw or change the terms and conditions or suspend, modify, or close the program at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever at any point of time at its own discretion. It reserves the right to discontinue Program memberships - existing or new - temporarily or permanently for a period of time.

The terms and conditions:

  1. The membership card is activated when at least one (1) transaction has successfully accomplished in OnTime service points through our customer service representative and the customer has provided (mandatory) information through the membership card application form.
  2. Only a person who has attained the age of 21 years, as on the day of enrolment/ registration, is entitled to the membership of the Program.
  3. The Membership Card requires the Customer signature as indicated on each card. Members should ensure they sign each card immediately to ensure protection from fraud.
  4. The membership is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of enrolment as above. At least two purchases in a year is a prerequisite for successive renewal of further period of one year.
  5. This program is applicable only for government service transactions/group package made across the OnTime branches in UAE or any other services which may change from time to time, at the discretion of OnTime Group. OnTime Group will use reasonable efforts to include up-to-date and accurate information on the website for any such change, cancellation, addition, withdrawal or modification. It is your responsibility to carefully read, agree with and accept these terms and conditions. Your continuance as a member shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions applicable from time to time. If you do not agree to (or cannot comply with) any of the terms and conditions, we encourage you to surrender/withdraw your membership.
  6. A member shall at all times hold only one (1) valid membership card in his name. If found otherwise, OnTime Group reserves the right to cancel all membership cards held by the same person in his name and the points accrued in such cards cannot be redeemed.
  7. The membership is non-transferable and can only be used by the authorized member.
  8. Membership is free of charges and does not obligate the member in any way.
  9. Membership may be canceled by a member at any time by giving On Time Group written notice.
  10. On Time members are entitled to earn points on doing of any government transactions, or what is otherwise announced by the Group.
  11. Partners of OnTime who are receiving commissions will not be able to utilize this card.
  12. Points can only be rewarded/redeemed by the presentation of the emirates ID with the number registered with the program, with the customer using/entering his/her pin/password on the loyalty terminal to redeem the points. Points once redeemed cannot be used again.
  13. A point can be redeemed with points to be accumulated starting by 1,500 points will lead to AED 50 cash back.
  14. Points are valid for one year from the date of joining the program/renewal date and a member can redeem the said points at any time before the said period of one year when he/she accumulates the minimum points. All unused Points over one (1) year will expire and shall not be available for redemption.
  15. Discounts will be given when points are being redeemed and a cash back.
  16. Points can only be collected at the point of doing the transaction.
  17. OnTime Group reserves the rights to deduct points rewarded on refunds.
  18. Membership rights are reserved with OnTime Group and are subject to Group's approval. A membership can be terminated in the event of a member failing to comply with these Terms & Conditions or Supplying any false or misleading information to OnTime Group or Abusing any membership privileges or not using membership for a period of 12 months or in case of death of a member or becoming bankrupt or under discretion of OnTime Group for judicious reasons.
  19. In the case of such termination, OnTime Group shall be responsible for the member only to the extent of the points lying to the credit of the member's account.
  20. OnTime Group also does not take responsibility for any lost points/discrepancy of points collection or any claim for damage to a mobile phone as a consequence of a membership.
  21. OnTime Group shall not be held liable for any loss, theft, damage or unauthorized use of the membership and it is the sole responsibility of the member to ensure the safety of his Membership Card, Mobile Phone and/or the password if any allotted to him for the purpose. The Customer is responsible for notifying OnTime Group Services Centre, of any change in his contact details.
  22. Any loss of membership card should be intimated to OnTime Group immediately. Replacement of Membership Cards that are issued for any reason whatsoever will be replaced for a penalty of 200 Points, which will automatically be deducted from your account. If you do not have a balance of 200 or more Points, Points will be 'loaned' to you and any points you earn until such time as the loan has been repaid will not be available for redemption.
  23. By enrolling in the Loyalty Program, you unconditionally grant your consent to OnTime Group to collect, retain, use and disclose information contained in the Loyalty Program Membership Application form or otherwise provided to OnTime Group pursuant to the Loyalty Program and your other personal information including but not limited to your name, email id, addresses, contact numbers, date of birth and transaction details etc. for the following purposes:
    • to ensure the efficient running of the Loyalty Program, including the accrual and redemption of Points;
    • to provide information about the Loyalty Program;
    • to develop/offer new products and services;
    • for accounting and audit purposes;
    • for marketing and market research and analysis purposes;
    • to be disclosed as required by law;
    • to send you communications (or to contact you) about promotions, services, products and facilities offered by OnTime Group;
    • to assist in the planning, development, and implementation of the Loyalty Program;
    Your aforesaid consent will continue in effect unless you withdraw the consent by notice in writing to OnTime Group. Withdrawal of consent may mean that certain services may no longer be provided to you, and also entitles OnTime Group to terminate your membership at its sole discretion.
  24. All conditions and warranties, whether expressed or implied and whether arising under legislation or otherwise, as to condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any reward supplied are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Any liability that cannot be fully excluded is limited, where permitted, to replacing or crediting the value of the Loyalty Points at the discretion of OnTime Group.
  25. Any inquiries can be addressed to hotline: 600570007 or Email:
  26. Those Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the UAE laws and the Courts of Dubai shall have exclusive Jurisdiction.